2013 Buick Mini Captiva

2013 Buick Mini Captiva

Concept Car Model of Buick’s Mini Captiva Encore, a luxury crossover

For car lovers, on January 10 Buick, one of the arms of General Motors in the USA presented for the first time, during the show in Detroit, Ecore, the utility vehicle has already been quoted to enter the list of strong competitors of Ford EcoSport in Brazil.

The model, which was classified by the brand as a “small luxury crossover”, will enter the North American market in 2013, showing that for the first time, the United States is starting to think small, at least when it comes to the “car”. “.

What this article covers:

  • The concept of the compact is gaining more and more ground
  • Mini Captiva Buick, compact but waste

The concept of the compact is gaining more and more ground

The Brazilian version should have a sharper design and more interior detail.

The common idea that the American car has a big body and a terrible size, with nice and noisy V6 or V8 engines, begins to change, as Americans begin to prefer compacts. The truth was known and reached Detroit Auto Show this yearwhere car manufacturers are starting to put aside large and extravagant models, investing in compact and economical cars.

The changes are due to the effects of the country’s economic crisis, the “American Way of Life”, causing the exaggerated and enviable “American Way of Life” to begin to be rethought. “For the first time in more than 100 years of industrialization, American consumers are concerned about fuel consumption and pollution emissions,” he said. Bob Lutz, former global president of the automaker GMis currently a member of Via Motorsa company specialized in converting ordinary cars into “super-hybrids”, as he himself defined.

Mini Captiva Buick, compact but waste

Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the Encore promises to be a serious rival to the EcoSport

Because of this change of thinking in the American way of life, “Mini Captiva” is expected, however, Chevrolet keeps more technical details of the car secret, as well as a big secret about its release date.

Buick, which is an arm of GM, said that the mini-crossover was planned on the international platform, and that in the United States, the Encore will have a 1.4-liter Ecotec turbo engine with a power of 140 horsepower and a torque of 20.4 kgfm, working together with a transmission 6-speed automatic.

These specifications will certainly have minor changes to the Brazilian version, as well as modifications in the appearance of the business in our country, with a sharper grille and more details to finish the interior. An interior that, according to GM, has room for 5 occupants in comfort, thanks to a wheelbase of 2.55 meters and a length of 4.27 meters, a width of 1.77 and a height of 1.64, as well as a trunk of 533 liters.

The model shown on January 10 at the Detroit Auto Show has 10 ABS airbags, forward collision warning and a rear camera, but these items can be reduced in Chevrolet version.

And then? Looking forward to the publication of Encore? Unfortunately, the model unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show is a concept car which is about a car that will be launched only in 2013. To see the official version, it will be necessary to wait. What a shame.