+ 153% in 2021!

+ 153% in 2021!

Derided 10 years ago for its appalling comparisons to European cars, China doesn’t make anyone laugh anymore.

The “yellow peril” was a lapidary formula describing, from the end of the 19th century, the threat that people from Asia would one day outnumber the “whites” and end up dominating the world. This threat coming from Asia, to Europe in particular, today is represented primarily by China and concerns the automotive world. Fear that can be translated into statistics: in 2021, the Mainland’s vehicle imports (cars, vans, trucks and buses) from China therefore represented nearly 500,000 units, an increase of 153%., according to data published this week by ACEA in the “Pocket Guide”. Figures that make China the second largest importing country, after Turkey with its 628,000 units. But, considering the different trends of the two countries with Turkey decreasing (-4%), China can quickly (certainly this year) get this first place, still shows Autoactu.com.

Tomorrow, Chinese cars will also flood Europe?© BYD

First everywhere?

value, the growth of Chinese car imports is more impressive: multiplied by three, it represented 6.2 billion euros. Last year. And if compared to other countries of origin, this value is still low and puts China in sixth place, more than 3 billion euros separates China and Turkey in the top position (down to -2, 9% to 9.5 billion). In 2021, China’s import growth represented 4 billion, and therefore we can estimate without taking too many risks that China will also take first place by value, possibly as early as 2022. Especially since, apart from South Korea (+28.8% to 8.2 billion), the opposing geographical areas have decreased.

Posted on 09/09/2022 Updated 09/09/2022