12 years ago, Cadillac Records showcased the history of the Blues with Beyoncé in the cast

12 years ago, Cadillac Records showcased the history of the Blues with Beyoncé in the cast

Exactly 12 years ago, on December 8, 2008, the film Cadillac Records.

Telling the story of Chess Records, founded by Jewish immigrants from Poland Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody), the feature had several big names in its cast and one of the most impressive performances was the classic one. Beyoncewho played the story Etta James.

The plot revolves around how Chess recruited a pair of blues musicians who would become legends – Dirty Water (Jeffrey Wright) and Little Walter (Columbus Short) – and that turned out to be the first step in opening the door for black musicians, who became the stars of their label.

Etta is one of those artists, as it is Wild dog (Eamon Walker) and Chuck Berry (Mos Def), and the suggestive name is a reference to the fact that everything the label did was related to the luxury car brand: record sales came from the trunk of Chess’ Cadillac, and the owner was delivering his clients. branded cars to satisfy them.

Soundtrack from Cadillac Records

Of course, one of the main attractions of the feature was its soundtrack, which consisted of a mix of original songs and covers of Blues classics signed by names such as Inside of and Solange and was nominated for several Grammy Awards, including Best Original Score.

In the end, the only victory went to Beyoncé herself: her stunning version of “At Last” won the trophy for Best Traditional R&B Performance. As if that wasn’t enough, the singer also sang the song during the inauguration of the president Barack Obamalike him and his wife, Michelleplayed the first dance as the new heads of state.

It’s not all flowers, however. Etta James didn’t like any of this and made it very clear, at the time, that she “can’t stand Beyoncé”. According to the famous singer, “he had nothing to do there, singing my song that I have been singing since forever”.

In any case, the opening performance and the film (which you can see below) were highly praised by the general public, and it is a good idea for this weekend to remember this work, available for rent and purchase in the store. from iTunes or the Looke service.


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