1:18 Diecast Audi 200 Avant quattro 20V by DNA Collectibles – 4Legend.com – AudiPassion.com

1:18 Diecast Audi 200 Avant quattro 20V by DNA Collectibles – 4Legend.com – AudiPassion.com

DNA Collectibles continues to expand its unique range of small scale Audi 1:18 models with the Audi 200 Avant quattro 20V expected to be available in resin in 4 different shades and in a limited edition of 299 pieces. This collector’s model presentation on its native land south of switzerland…

Expected example at 1:18
The Swiss miniatures manufacturer once again favors a small series. After taking it out of the green shade at 1:43, the reproduction of the Audi 200 Avant quattro 20V it reaches the most fashionable level at the moment: 1:18.

DNA Collectibles is starting to carve out a niche in the miniatures world with quality creations in very limited editions and at affordable prices. Their production is about cars with a strong personality as well as some history.

Some of these examples are sometimes unknown to the general public. Audi’s range is enhanced with this large 200 C3 station wagon from the 1990s, powered by a 5-cylinder 20-valve 20 turbo producing 220 hp. Another highlight was being a 4-wheel drive station wagon using quattro technology, a small revolution at the time.

This Audi 200 Avant quattro 20V from 1991 was ahead of its time, counting models from Mercedes and BMW among its competitors. Having such a powerful car (for its time), offering advanced technologies and great handling thanks to the all-wheel drive has allowed the brand with the four rings to stand out and rise to the status of the first car manufacturer.

DNA Collectibles’ choice to reproduce it in a limited edition is a wise one, making it possible to satisfy enthusiasts of this model and Audi fans. A rigorous design process made it possible to develop in 9 months this reproduction very faithful to the original style with many details showing the care taken in its realization. Like any Audi model, it received approval from the automaker through a license.

After receiving the package, it is always equally exciting to discover the model and its level of finish. After removing the foam protection protecting the end of the display box, the miniature is revealed in its case. A new type of black base can receive a separately purchased display to protect the miniature from dust and improve it.

The car remains protected by a plastic frame to strengthen the assembly for transport and storage.

After opening the package, the care given to the standard model is still appreciated: uniform color with good depth and very good quality, many details made of plastic parts and photo-cuts, badges and inscriptions are present, headlights with good details such as. the strip of lights, the quattro lettering used to absorb under the rear window, the thinness of the roof sky, the reproduction of the carved rubber tires, etc.

The interior has not been overlooked despite the absence of an opening. It will be enough to admire the many details brought into the cabin through the windows. The gray interior contrasts well with the red exterior of the Cayenne, which is closer to Bordeaux than red.

Nothing has been forgotten: electric window controls, very comfortable leather seats, detailed text including grab handles and sunroof interior, detailed dashboard with climate controls, radio car, quattro system differential lock, wood. veneer, chrome door handles, cloth seat belts and their buckles, nets on the backs of the seats, the interior of the trunk and the area of ​​the rear wiper motor, …

As in the original model, this reproduction is superior with great attention to various details, which are sometimes not very visible, such as the roof.

This unique miniature is available in 4 shades to satisfy the taste of every future buyer or even owners of the same model in real size.

A little detail
This miniature has many small details to sit on. Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass or the camera in macro mode to detect details that are not very visible. One of them caught my attention: the outer handles of the front doors that included a barrel to open and close the doors with a key. In addition to the care taken in the reproduction of the black plastic handle, the lock of each front door gives a surprising realism with its chrome and 3D appearance.

Availability and pricing
Sold before the summer of 2022 under the reference DNA000119 and limited to only 299 numbered copies, the DNA Collectibles 1:18 miniature Audi 200 Avant quattro 20V in Cayenne red is offered at a price of 159.59 euros. 3 other colors (Perlmutt White/DNA000099, Lago Blue/DNA000100 and Brilliant Black/DNA000133) are also available in the same quantity and price. They can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s website: https://dnacollectibles.com/fr/all/audi-200-avant-20v-quattro-1-18-fr/

Photo: 4Legend.com