111 g of cocaine was found near the car

111 g of cocaine was found near the car

Under the control of the Rennes public prosecutor’s office, an investigation is underway to understand what happened, Wednesday September 7, 2022 around 1 am, on the Rennes ramp that gives access to the Lorient road. A 22-year-old woman, a passenger in a car that deliberately rammed into BRI vehicles trying to stop her, died after one shot by the police.

“The damage seen on the Peugeot 208 and on the police cars confirms the presence of high speed at the time of impact”, notes Philippe Astruc, public prosecutor of Rennes. The results that tend to show that the Peugeot 208 driver has therefore tried to force the dam.

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The driver throws the drugs out the window

“An amount of 111 grams of cocaine was found near the scene of the incident along the ramp, continues the prosecutor. The police said he saw this bag thrown from the Peugeot car following the first step of the officer to invite the driver, gun in hand, to get out of his car. » But the driver does not pay attention to “it starts again at high speed and goes towards the policeman who was going to shoot, before getting into two police cars that were not marked to block the way. »

“It was the intervention of the BRI in a quick trip (narcotics convoy), Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said Wednesday morning during a meeting with the regional daily media. | VINCENT MICHEL / WEST-FRANCE

Serious injuries

One bullet fired by the police first went through the right arm of the Peugeot driver before hitting the passenger. “The autopsy of the victim revealed that death was the result of chest trauma and the main right hemothorax. The projectile, found in the body, having pierced the right ventricle, diaphragm, liver and right lung. »

Still according to the prosecutor, the driver, 26 years old and already known before justice “he abides in his silence”. Three cases have been opened: for voluntary violence causing death without intent to be released by a public authority and for armed violence by a public authority entrusted to the IGPN. The procedure for the attempted murder of a public official was entrusted to the criminal unit of the judicial police of Rennes and that of drug trafficking led by the judicial police.