100% electric Wrangler in 2024

100% electric Wrangler in 2024

Jeep is launching its electrification program for the coming years, by presenting the Jeep Recon, a 100% electric SUV that will be launched in Europe.

By betting everything on electricity, Jeep intends to become the first brand of electric SUVs in the world: the American manufacturer revealed, during the presentation of its plan for its car. next generation 4xe carsdetails on several of its later models, including a new model, the Jeep Recon.

By 2025, there will be no less than Four 100% electric SUVs The Jeep will be launched in North America and Europe. In detail, 50% of Jeep sales in the United States will be 100% electric, while 100% of the brand’s sales in Europe by 2030 will be 100% electric.

Jeep Recon: 100% electric SUV

If its appearance resembles a Wrangler, the Jeep Recon was designed from the ground up to be 100% electric car. It will be aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, while offering a solid, clean and emission-free vehicle:

“The all-new all-electric Jeep Recon is capable of crossing the Rubicon Trail, one of the toughest trails in the United States, and reaching the end of the trail with enough range to return to town to recharge”Said Christian Meunier, CEO of the Jeep brand.

Jeep Recon: real cross-country ability

To provide real cross-country ability, the Jeep Recon will have a traction management system christened Jeep Selec-Terrain. There will also be technology electric axle lock (e-locker), underbody protection, tow hooks and special off-road tires.

Like any real Jeep, the Recon will also be noticeable, thanks to a sun roof one touch, and will have removable glass doors. And like any modern Jeep, it will also feature a lot of technology, just like the latest opus Connect the systemwhich will include a comprehensive guide to the discovery of the world’s most incredible off-road trails.

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Jeep Recon: production will begin in 2024

Officially presented to the public next year, the future Jeep Recon aims to be a global model. However, it will be launched earlier in the United States: the first reservations will open at the beginning of 2023, when production will begin in 2024 in North America.

The Jeep Recon will then be sold in other markets around the world, and will therefore land later in Europe : we should probably see it launched in our regions in the year 2024.

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