100% Electric Subaru Soltera

100% Electric Subaru Soltera

The first electric by Toyota

100% electric Subaru Soltera – Subaru’s first 100% electric car is here. Based on the same base as the Toyota BZ4X, Subaru’s 100% electric SUV called the Solterra will arrive in Japan, the US, Canada, Europe and China in June 2022.Subaru Soltera Electric Premiere with Toyota

In terms of design, it is a carbon copy with minor differences if we compare it to the Toyota BZ4X. Hexagonal grille, light signature at the front, Subaru “C” style LED lights at the back, custom rims… And that’s it!Subaru Soltera Electric Premiere with Toyota

Inside, the same battle. The Subaru has Toyota equipment and a trip computer.

We find, we suspect the same platform so the same dimensions with a length of 4.69 m, a width of 1.86 m and a wheelbase of 2.85 m.Subaru Soltera Electric Premiere with Toyota

This new e-Subaru Global platform is the twin sister of the Toyota e-TNGA. So we have a 71.4 kWh battery that can be combined with two 100% electric engines of the Subaru Soltera:

  • 2 front wheel: 150 kW for a range of up to 530 km according to WLTC.
  • In the all-wheel drive: 2 electric motors that combine 160 kW of combined power for a range of 460 km.

SubaruSubaru Soltera Electric Premiere with Toyota