100% electric car discovery in London

100% electric car discovery in London

A new side of the experts at Ford, which lifts the curtain on the latest version of its best-selling car. Innovation, connectivity, versatility, service… Come to London to discover the Ford E-Transit Custom.

Automobile Propre is one of the lucky few Europeans who were able to attend the presentation of the Ford E-Transit Custom. An opportunity for us to discover in detail the 100% electric and most connected utility vehicle signed by Ford, but not only. The brand actually gives us an overview of the Ford D-Lab and the size of the Ford PRO services. In today’s program: even more practical 100% electric car, and the cream of connected services for professionals.

Ford E-Transit Custom in terms of look: Mach-E-fication

A new look for a new life. The best seller in the blue circle, the Ford E-Transit Custom is being upgraded this year. As a reminder, Ford has been the number 1 fleet car in Europe for 7 years. Service plays the design card first and it does well. So it takes the front end closer to the Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV than that of the Transit. The look is sharper, sharper, and generally more aerodynamic. What makes it more attractive, always more from the less attractive image of the classic use. The light signature changes beautifully, as does the grille and the more balanced Ford logo on the front. The kit is well executed for our taste, the Ford E-Transit Custom will no doubt continue to impress companies.

Ford announces that it has worked directly with small utility vehicle consumers to increase its utility. The brand focuses on the ideas of small and medium businesses, starting with versatility and everyday availability. Key new features of the Ford E-Transit Custom:

  • Cargo volume from 5.8 to 9.0 m³
  • Loading up to 1,100 kg
  • 2,000 kg towing capacity
  • Maximum loading height of 3,450 mm
  • L-shaped section
  • Tilt operation
  • The Ford Pro ecosystem
  • Mobile Office vacancy
  • Conventional steam injection heat pump
  • “Ford Pro Charging” charge management.
  • Multiple remote updates (more than 30 modules)
  • “Delivery Assistance” works for assistance during delivery
  • A digital button with multi-user permissions
  • Full real-time diagnostics through Ford Live

Performance and autonomy: management of the mind

Ford E-Transit Custom offers two engine options: 100 kW (136 hp) or 160 kW (217 hp). The engine is connected directly to the rear floor, and develops 415 Nm of torque in motion. The van’s power supply is provided by a 400 V, 74 kWh battery pack. This uses 82 Ah cells like the Ford F-150 Electric. It’s enough to show an energy density 12% higher than that of the Ford E-Transit. Total promises 380 kilometers of autonomy, four times the average kilometers (about 90 kilometers per day) of Ford Pro customers. Ford Pro Charging simplifies energy management for businesses, especially those that don’t necessarily have fleet managers. The app makes it easy to schedule and pay for refills at home, at the depot, or at the station. Intelligent management of course makes it possible to schedule payments for off-peak times, for example.

The battery requires 7 to 8 hours of charging at 11 kW (AC). With a quick charge of 125 kW, 41 minutes is enough to go from 15 to 80% of energy. Still at 125 kW, measurements show a recovery of 38 kilometers of autonomy in just 5 minutes. In terms of handling, the Ford E-Transit Custom retains benefits such as independent rear suspension, useful in urban areas. Electric steering enhances stability at the wheel, with the arrival of One Pedal mode. Always appreciable to save the brakes and save a little energy on the way. As for the Ford Mustang Mach-E, a complete stop of the van will be possible without touching the brake pedal. Let’s dive into the application, shown here as an example of a right-hand drive. So all controls are inactive, and devices are taken from the heat model. Fortunately, another innovation exists.

Anti-downtime mobile office

“Time”. These are the phases in which the vehicle moves, is used for its movement and delivery. “Time off”, you will have understood, so is the rest. Service standing, broken, recharging, or in the garage, is in a low time and therefore does not produce results. Minimizing this downtime is critical to business, and the Ford E-Transit Custom accommodates as much as possible. This is due to the D-Ford laboratory, which relies on data analysis to anticipate even the slightest of these “moments”. Upcoming maintenance, tire pressure loss, everything is monitored in real time to alert the driver and fleet manager accordingly. In the future, the diagnostic of the intervention car will even be able to show the status of the light bar, for example. Anti-downtime also involves payment management.

Beyond the Ford E-Transit Custom lineup, the car doesn’t forget comfort on board. In fact, the car is the headquarters of its drivers. Ford transforms the cabin into a very interesting “Mobile Office”. Starting with a tilt steering wheel, whose mouth can pass two additional positions. Fixed (used for a computer or notepad), or flat with an additional tray. A very smart system, which comes with USB ports conveniently scattered around the cabinet. The slightly forward position of the front axle, together with the flat floor, makes access to the board easy for the three front occupants. Adaptive LED lighting, ceiling lighting, extra storage… Nothing is left to chance. Therefore, E-Transit Custom makes it easier than ever to work or have lunch on the go.

Ford E-Transit Custom automatic functions

The high-tech kit is completed with standard 5G connectivity and a 14-inch SYNC 4 multimedia screen. Finally, a special mention for Presentation Assist. This function automates certain actions of the Ford E-Transit Custom during delivery. Delivery drivers can make up to 200 stops and deliver 500 packages per day. Stations involving an average of 20 seconds are arranged in a small order: turning on the hazard warning lights, rolling down the windows, leaving and locking the car. Delivery Help can be programmed according to your needs to perform one or more actions automatically. So these return to their original state by resuming their place in the car. Practical and smart. The E-Transit Custom will be released next year, and will be offered for the European market. Automobile Propre pro readers, what do you think?

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