“100 best goals by the end of the year”

“100 best goals by the end of the year”

A special guest of the 3rd stage of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour in Caen, Jeremy Scatena surrendered without a filter (as usual) to the Padel Magazine microphone.

“I’m trying to get back what the padel gives me”

Padel Magazine: First question, why did you come to Cupra Padel Point-Visit ?

Jeremy Scatena : “I came here because as soon as I can, I try to share my passion and bring back what the padel gives me: a little feeling, a lot of fun! Aside from training sessions that are a little hard, being on the field is always fun. As soon as I can share this fun, I try to do so. »

Padel Magazine: The Cupra Padel-Point tour has values ​​that focus on well-being, comfort, etc. Do these values ​​speak to you outside of the competitive aspect?

Jeremy Scatena : “Of course, it seems when I play: I express myself, I laugh, I shout. So for me, the padel is very passionate, and that’s what allows me to wake up in the morning and have fun. So I’m sure this kind of event speaks to me.”

Padel Magazine: You will play this show with Mélissa Martin, Maxime Forcin and Tom Mitjana. What good things have you done for us?

Jeremy Scatena : “Really yesterday I thought about what I can do during the show, because it’s something I will do from time to time. I will try to have fun, I have a few combinations to pass during the show. I have set goals, so we will see what happens. 4-5 passes. »

“Aim to include 100 Best Padel … and 2nd place in France”

Padel Magazine: Based on your information, what will you have in the app in the next 2-3 months?

Jeremy Scatena : “With the advent of the new Premier Padel circuit, it has changed my competitive world and my goals. Because obviously, playing in Roland-Garros, in Rome, Mexico in the areas that are the flagship tennis venues, is prestigious and is I’m really not sure if it will be possible to start here, but I have a very good start to the season by points. “This is my main goal… and to be number 2 in France as well.”

Padel Magazine: If the Cupra Padel-Point Tour or similar event were to spread at European level, but still focus on the elite pavilion, would you still want to intervene as a “Alien in this kind of event as well?

Jeremy Scatena : “Of course. As soon as I have free weekends and I have the opportunity to participate in events I will try. I will try for two reasons: we need to earn a living, so sometimes we have to work weekends because we can not just play competitions; and then share what we love we are all the time, especially padel Horizon where we have played all the players from Yvelines. We try to play the game and participate in the planned events. »

“When the circuit is planning a race in Roland-Garros, on the contrary you can’t make a Challenger in Albacete and declare yourself the best circuit in the world behind it.”

Padel Magazine: The last question, how do you see padel changing in the next 2-3 years. Do you think we will have one cycle that will win and be a monopoly, or will we remain in the current state with several cables and a state of confusion?

Jeremy Scatena: “I think the padel will be made in the style of tennis. That is to say that there will be several organizers who will buy the dates of the main round. And this round there will be I hope, maybe 100-150 tournaments and major and minor tournaments. choose whether they want to take part in smaller tournaments or try to advance to the big tournaments, I see. be the best circuit in the world. I don’t think that makes sense. “

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