🎥 This fascinating little book dissects the magic of live techno

🎥 This fascinating little book dissects the magic of live techno

In reality where you join the main striker and Size movies, PETER takes us behind the scenes of live technology. Between stress and excitement until finally reaching the satisfaction of seeing his audience dance.

At 3 in the morning, the party is underway. Your very clever friend hits you in front of the barriers, a few meters from the artist. Sweaty people pushing you – angry – you take a few minutes to adjust to your new surroundings. But you can make your hole. Right-left right-left: that’s it, the music owns you. You are stepping when your eyes suddenly fall on the DJ-producer. All his machines around him must be one hell of a station. It doesn’t change. Eyes fixed on his machines, his hands moving around the connectors. What is he thinking? How does he organize his life? How many times did she change before she chose this dress to wear? That movie This is a direct technologyfrom Attack Mag and Magnitude movies, answers all your questions.


For 24 hours, the camera follows PETER, from the organization of his set to the vagaries of all his preparations, to end up in the joy of living. This movie, well done by its director Harrison Garrett, toggles between face camera time and dj and a series of shootings in the club. In the taxi to the club, PETER he wonders if he’s stressed or on an adrenaline rush… Or maybe a combination of the two. Even if this techno music producer is not there for the first time, the pressure is still the same. Originally from Corsica, he decided to leave for the continent where he discovered a small. But it is in Berlin, in the inimitable Berghain that he finally finds his place and his style. This style, he shows in his sets that are created in 4 parts. Here we touch on the most interesting part of the text: to see how the creative impulse is expressed directly, between organization and improvement.

Directly: between reflection and creation

To heat the room, PETER starts with dark techno. Then he continues with Humming-bird who makes us jump with his sound technology. He has been beaten is a series of further tests before closing in the evening and Respect where the artist can freely mix the sounds he likes. But living is not just predicting. PETER he also pleases his emotions and above all, he tries to feel his audience: “I play for myself but above all, for the crowd“. The artist carefully selects from the repertoire to best suit the atmosphere of the club. Each one is unique, and that’s what’s great. The camera takes us close to the English club. Her red hair sweeps her machines. His entire body is used to transmit his music effectively and enter into communion with his audience. In short, This is a direct technology.

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